Stands for Satisfied Clients

Stand Art is a reliable partner for companies looking to promote their brand at points-of-sale and create a unique consumer experience, bringing that consumer even closer to their product. To create your own unique stands that will highlight your brand, we always take into account your company’s strategy, competition and market trends.

We know your expectations, understand your demands and are committed to delivering a successful end-result. To ensure that you receive a safe, quality product, we implement an Integrated Management System at every step of the production process: from receipt and management of the order to communication with suppliers and customers.

Stands for Design

We have a team of experienced industrial designers and graphic designers, which following the identity and guidelines of each customer, has the ability to offer a complete proposal for the management of a creative project. From the idea to the “concept design” and then to the 3D design.

Guided by innovation, anthropocentric design, and ecodesign, our team proposes solutions using all the tools needed to visualize and communicate them with the respective decision makers.

Stands for Quality

The Production Department assigns and supervises the individual tasks in the various departments of the production unit. In combination with automated machinery, specialized workers undertake the implementation of the phases of each project.

With the completion of a project, quality control is carried out, in each construction, according to the high company’s standards. The quality control phase for us is a necessary process before the delivery of a completed product.

Our values are embedded in our DNA, guiding our day-to-day actions and our relationships. This is how we approach every project.


Remaining true to our philosophy, our factory is equipped with advanced facilities and machinery, ensuring optimal quality and efficiency of all of our products and services; this allows us to fully support our customers, while meeting all of their demands. Our advanced equipment includes but is not limited to:

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    Digital creasing and cutting machinery
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    UV Digital Printer
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    Robotic Gluing Station
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    Automatic die-cutting machine
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    Corrugated cardboard flute laminating machine
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    Fully automated heated sleeve wrapper
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    Automatic stretch wrapping machine
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    Heat bending machine for acrylic materials
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    Equipment for cutting and processing wood
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    Equipment for cutting and processing metal


Today, efficient logistics have become just as important as the product delivered.  A large warehouse, supported by well-trained staff ensures that our clients’ products are not only delivered on time, but also in pristine condition, anywhere in the world.



We specialize in the creation of paper constructions for the demonstration and promotion of products for over two decades. We know everything about paper: how it behaves, its secrets, what kind of treatment helps it highlight each visual theme, how to dress it up for a premium feel, and how to make it withstand any amount of weight

We answer the market’s need for durable, quality, and affordable paper stands while consistently evolving. We stay abreast of innovative products, apply current sustainable practices, and ensure that we are keeping up with the evolution of technology in our field. Always aiming at the success of your sales, we strive to become better, so that we may contribute to the promotion of your products in the most effective way.


Stands for Reliability

Our goal is to design, manufacture and deliver quality, practical, functional and ergonomic stands at competitive prices – and always on time. We have the knowledge and experience to offer you the right solutions, that will highlight your products and brand, and gain consumer appreciation.

Having a fully vertically integrated and automated construction unit, we offer high quality constructions at low cost. Our specialized knowledge and equipment allow us to manage projects successfully, both in Greece and abroad.



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